Once a diagnosis of ADHD has been made it is hoped that your GP will be willing to prescribe the medication suggested by Dr Peter Mason ADHD & Psychiatry Services Limited.

Occasionally a GP may be reluctant to prescribe medication for ADHD. This may be due to unfamiliarity with the drugs used and some local guidelines recommend that the specialist service initiates the treatment with the expectation that GP will take over. Dr Mason is happy to offer any guidance or reassurance that GPs may need to enable them to prescribe.

Dr Peter Mason ADHD & Psychiatry Services Limited is able to issue private prescriptions. With a private prescription the usual prescription charge does not apply and the patient pays for the cost of the drug at the pharmacy. The cost of the drugs used to treat ADHD is variable and depends on the drug prescribed and the daily dose.

For example:

DrugDaily doseMonthly cost*
Methylphenidate5mg to 100mg£3.03 – £54.60
Concerta XL18mg to 108mg£31.19 to £147.24
Lisdexamfetamine30mg to 70mg£58.24 to £83.16
Atomoxetine40mg to 100mg£53.09 to £70.79

Costs from British National Formulary 76 (September 2018 to March 2019)

Dr Peter Mason ADHD & Psychiatry Services Limited does not charge for issuing private prescriptions providing you are under regular review at the clinic. Prescriptions can only be issued if you are seen at least every 6 months.

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