Dr Mason

Dr Peter Mason

Dr Mason was a Medical Student at Nottingham University and qualified in 1987 with the degrees Bachelor of Medical Science, Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery.  He completed most of his specialist training in Psychiatry in Nottingham and became a Member of the Royal College of Psychiatrists in 1991.  Dr Mason has worked as a Lecturer in Psychiatry at both the University of Nottingham and the University of Liverpool.  He was a Research Fellow with a World Health Organisation study and has numerous articles published on outcomes in Schizophrenia and innovative research on middle ear disease as a potential risk factor for schizophrenia.  Dr Mason began his Consultant career as a General Adult Psychiatrist in 1997 as Lead Clinician in Skelmersdale and in 2002 he moved to Birkenhead and continued to work as a General Adult Psychiatrist.  Dr Mason saw and treated his first patient with ADHD in 2006 at a time when most people were sceptical about the condition and from there pioneered the development of Adult ADHD services across Wirral, Liverpool, parts of Cheshire and Bolton.  In 2009 Dr Mason left his Community Mental Health Team to pursue a full-time career in Adult ADHD.  He won innovation awards to pilot ADHD services in prisons and community drug services. For many years Dr Mason has worked closely with the voluntary sector and has been a Trustee of the ADHD Foundation.   Dr Mason has published papers on outcomes in ADHD and ADHD in psychosis.   Dr Mason’s reputation is such that he is invited to speak at national and international conferences about ADHD and he contributes to the All Party Parliamentary Group on ADHD.  

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