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Services & Pricing

The cost of an appointment depends on the type of appointment required. If you are uncertain about which appointment is right for you, please email us at info@adultadhdliverpool.co.uk or telephone 07305 963230.

We do not offer a titration service for those who have received an ADHD assessment from another provider.

Standard Assessment

A standard assessment will take up to 1 ½ hours. Dr Mason will take a psychiatric and developmental history.  You will have an opportunity to raise any questions you have about ADHD and any concerns about your mental health.

To improve the reliability of the assessment it would be helpful to bring somebody who knows you well to the assessment, especially if they can remember you as a child. It is also helpful to bring any old school reports that you may have.

If a diagnosis of ADHD and/or other mental health problems are made an intervention plan will be discussed and treatment offered.

Follow-up Appointment

A follow-up appointment will take up to half an hour and is needed to assess the effects of treatment and adjust the dose of medication to ensure that you get the most benefit from your treatment.

It is not possible to predict how many follow-up appointments will be needed to optimise ADHD treatment but where treatment is straightforward, it is usually less than four appointments. Where your GP issues prescriptions and you remain under the care of Dr Peter Mason ADHD & Psychiatry Services, an annual follow-up is required to be compliant with NICE Guidelines and local shared care agreements.

Without follow-up from a specialist service, it is unlikely that your GP will continue to issue prescriptions. Where Dr Mason issues a prescription, a 6 monthly follow-up appointment is required.

Assessment Plus

An assessment plus will take up to 2 ½ hours and consists of the standard assessment plus the use of a semi-structured interview (DIVA or ACE+).

These assessments are necessary for certain groups of people such as athletes who need approval (Therapeutic Use Exemption: TUE) to use a prohibited substance for the purpose of the UK Anti-doping regulations.

An informant (somebody who knew you as a child) is essential for these assessments.

Patient feedback

“It’s been like someone switching the radio off in my brain and it’s helped massively with the anxiety already. I wish I had been to see you sooner.”

“This medication has turned my life around! Controlling my impulsivity has changed the trajectory of my life completely.”

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